Claire Troughton Fine Jewellery Design

Pear Blue Topaz silver Sunrise ring


This beautiful silver Sunrise ring features a stunning pear-shaped London blue topaz in a 9ct yellow gold rub-over setting. Perfect as a statement ring or an alternative engagement ring. The silver band is approximately 4mm wide with multiple Sunrise patterns engraved around it..

The pear-shaped blue topaz has a stunning vivid colour and is mounted on the band with the pointed end overhanging by approximately 3.5mm. It can be worn with the stone pointing up the finger or downwards and another band, such as a wedding ring can be slipped underneath this. The setting is made from 9ct yellow gold, which perfectly highlights the rich blue gemstone. It is approximately 3.5mm high and has a smooth rub-over edge which holds the stone in. The stone itself is 6mm long x 4mm at the widest point and has a faceted surface to show off the colour to its best advantage. Topaz is the birthstone for December, so this would make a lovely present for anyone born in that month.

I have 1 of these rings in stock and ready to ship now in a UK size L. Once Corona virus lock-down is lifted here the ring will be available to purchase in different ring sizes and gemstones.

- Silver, 9ct gold, London Blue Topaz
- 4mm wide band
- 6mm x 4mm pear shaped gemstone
- December birthstone